Wearable technology workshop

My first circuit

The last two days I took part in a workshop on “wearable technology” which was held during the Ditact Summer University in Salzburg. The workshop was held by Stefanie Wuschitz who showed us in a playful manner how to build  several simple circuits with the Arduino Lilypad. Later we learned how to use different materials like fabric, conductive thread, recycled electronics, microcontrollers and various sensors to create simple “wearable” systems.

The workshop was really informative and set the basis for me to do low-level prototyping in this area. Finally, we even developed a cushion with an integrated pressure sensor, which produced a sound depending on the sensor range, and  a jacket where the buttons produced a sound when they were closed.

I am looking forward to reading “Making Things Talk” by Tom Igoe to deepen my knowledge and gain even more ideas how to use the Arduino microcontrollers. Moreover, I am planning to to attend future workshops on this topic at the MZ Baltazar’s Laboratory in  Vienna.

Making Things Talk