Visiting Ilmenau University of Technology

Ilmenau University of Technology

From 5th until 8th of September I stayed as an invited guest researcher in the team Media Design /Media Psychology, which is led by Prof. Nicola Döring, at the Institute of Media and Communication Science (Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany).

I was invited by Yvonne Ludewig, who is currently starting her PhD studies on “Social Acceptance for HRI with a Service Robot”. She interviewed me regarding my expertise in acceptance studies in HRI and I hope I could give her some literature tips and recommendations for theoretical and empirical work in that area, that will be useful for her research.

Besides the interview, I had the possibility to visit METRALabs and talk with Andreas Bley about their ongoing work and the Neuroinformatics and Cognitive Robotics Lab, led by Prof. Groß, and talk with Christof Schröter about their work on vision and navigation for HRI and the CompanionAble project.

Overall, I had a great time in Ilmenau. Special thanks go to Sandra Pöschl, Alexander Bohn, and Kristin Probstmeyer for the worm welcome at their institute and Yvonne for perfectly organizing my stay and introducing me to traditional “Thüringer” dishes.