Trip Report RO-MAN2011

RO-MAN 2011 took place in Atlanta, GA; USA. It was the 20th Anniversary IEEE International Symposium in Robot and Human interactive Communication. The specific focus of this year’s conference was on cognition and interaction for real-world human-robot cooperation. RO-MAN 2011

I presented a paper at the conference, of which Nicole Mirnig was first author : “A Case Study on the Effect of Feedback on Itinerary Requests in Human-Robot Interaction” (Nicole, Mirnig, Stefan Riegler, Astrid Weiss,and Manfred Tscheligi) and co-chaired a special session on the IURO project,  entitled: Interactive Robots in Public Spaces.

I had the feeling that the quality of the contributions this year was way better than compared to those of the previous two years. In other words, I heard a lot of interesting talks and definitely had a lost of take home messages this year.

The social part of visiting the Aquarium and the Coca Cola museum and the hotel pool 🙂 made it an overall great experience (thanks at this point to Tamara and Manja for their company )