Short-term Sabbatical at the UVA

University of Amsterdam

I am happy to announce that with the 1st of September 2011 I have started my short-term sabbatical (lasting until the end of the year) at the Intelligent Systems Lab at the University of Amsterdam, NL. My original intention was to join Vanessa Evers, however, it turned out that she could start a full professor possession at the University of Twente on the 1st of September! – Yes, sometimes weird coincidences happen in life :-). Anyway today was my first appearance at the Lab, which was for Vanessa’s farewell party…an ideal opportunity to meet my future colleagues and to get to know the institute. In the next 4 months I will work together with Vanessa and her colleagues from University of Amsterdam as well as fromUniversity of Twente on cultural differences in HRI perception.