Trip Report: HRI 2012 and Rodney Brooks Workshop

HRI 2012

In March, I attended HRI2012 conference. This year HRI was really exiting for me, as it was the first year, I was involved in the Organizing Committee. I co-chaired Late-Breaking Reports (LBR) together with Frank Broz. It was a lot of work at the end of 2011 during my sabbatical in Amsterdam, but I was really looking forward to the conference to see the results of all our efforts in the poster session. However, unfortunately I became sick during the flight to the US and could not attend first day of the conference…Also Frank could not attend due to passport issues…Luckily Vanessa Evers could present the slides Frank and I prepared on the new reviewing process we introduced for HRI LBRs and the nominees for best LBR.

The following LBRs I (co-)authored were presented by colleagues:

  • Weiss, A. HRI research: The interdisciplinary challenge or the dawning of the discipline?
  • Zlotowski, J., Weiss, A., and Tscheligi, M. Navigating in public space: Participants’ evaluation of a robot’s approach behavior.
  • Buchner, R., Wurhofer, D., Weiss, A., and Tscheligi, M. User experience of industrial robots over time.
  • Sardar, A., Joosse, M., Weiss, A., and Evers, V. Don’t stand so close to me: Users’ attitudinal and behavioral responses to personal space invasion by a robot.
  • Strasser, E., Weiss, A., and Tscheligi, M. Affect misattribution procedure: An implicit technique to measure user experience in HRI

Lucky me, I could attend the second and the third day of the conference and enjoy the fascinating keynote of Professor Hiroshi Ishii on “The Art of Tangible Bits” and the sessions. Moreover, I chaired the session on “Living and working with service robots”, which contained high-level talks on how robots could be integrated in our living space in the future.

After the conference I also attended the Rodney Brooks Workshop, which celebrated his academic work. This event was most insightful form e in terms of understanding the development of the research field, in which I work today. It really inspired my academic life!

For HRI 2013 I am “Workshop and Tutorial Chair” together with David Feil-Seifer, looking foreward to that experience.

Trip Report: CogSys Symposium 2012

CogSys 2012

In February, I attended the CogSyS Symposium in Vienna. This is a special symposium on EU-projects in the cognitive system call. I presented our work on the IURO project there in the 3 poster sessions.

The main track of the symposium consists of invited talks by EU-project coordinators who gave an overview on the current state of their project.

Moreover, Libor Král, the EC Head of Unit “Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics” gave a talk on the content of the current call 9 and gave some hints on the upcoming EU framework. In general, the symposium gave a great overview for writing new Challenge 2 proposals.