After a long period of not posting any news, it is time to post the most relevant one: I’ve changed position. I moved from Salzburg to Vienna 🙂 During 2012 I applied for a Hertha-Firnberg scholarship together with Prof. Markus Vincze from Technical University Vienna as  mentor. The Hertha-Firnberg Program is for highly qualified female scientists of any scientific discipline (acceptance rate 20%), who have completed their PhD studies and aim for a researcher career in Austrian research facilities.So lucky me I won!

tuacinI am now affiliated with the ACIN Institute of Automation and Control, my new contact details can be found in my CV. This week I started my three-years grant for research on the topic Vision-based Human-Robot Cooperation: Perspective Sharing at the research group of Prof. Vincze “Vision4Robotics”. So obviously I will continue my research activities on human-robot interaction!

I was given a warm welcome in my new group, but I will definitely after 7 years miss my colleagues from Salzburg.