First Field Trial in Vienna

So this was quick…in my 4th week at ACIN I already got the opportunity to conduct a first field trial together with project partners from
bkm design working group of the TransitBuddy project (for details see here:

TransitBuddy is a mobile platform that should help seniors navigating through unknown train stations plus caring their luggage. In this first field trial we used one mock-up of the TranistBuddy in an exploratory study with 3 participants and drove around (remote-controlled) in one building of TU Wien. We wanted to get inspirations for the design, following the “human action and experience approach” by Ylva Fernaeus. The observational and interview data we could gather is really insightful and based on it the colleagues from bkm design working group are now developing different conceptual design for the TransitBuddy.

I am curious if this amount of research opportunities continues like that in Vienna :-), until now it is just great and thanks to my colleague Markus Bader who offered me this specific opportunity!