Opening Talk at 2014 European Conference on Educational Robotics

Yesterday I had the honour to give the opening talk at ECER2014, which is an international scientific conference for students who learn robotics in school. Researchers present their findings in engaging talks, show their robots live, and partake as judges in exciting robot competitions, including the official European Regional Botball Competition and the PRIA Open. You can find more details here:

My talk was entitled: Users in the focus: Creating service robots with and for people and mainly gave an overview of the research I did during my postdoc time in Salzburg and Vienna.

I was already invited in 2012 to give a talk there and I was more than happy to experience the engagement and spirit of the students and I would say it was even more this year. I am very happy that Gottfried Koppensteiner as general chair enables events like this and thereby encourages a next generation of researchers and engineers!