RO-MAN 2014 Trip Report


So this year’s RO-MAN conference had rehabilitation robotics as theme, which suited me quite well being involved in the HOBBIT project. The keynote of Prof. David Lane gave a great overview on research on rehabilitation robotics from the 1970ies onwards. Additionally sessions on “social acceptance” and “human-robot collaboration” were quite informative for my research interests.

Two of my former colleagues at the ICT&S center gave great talks on their research:

The paper entitled “Screen Feedback in Human-Robot Interaction: How to Enhance Robot Expressiveness” is on research Nicole Mirnig performed at her stay in Singapur.


The paper entitled “I Trained This Robot: The Impact of Pre-Experience and Execution Behaviour on Robot Teachers” was on research Susanne Stadler performed for her master thesis. The findings were so surprising that we had interesting follow-up discussions with Read Simmons on this study!

I personally attended the workshop on Joint Action in HRI, which was very beneficial for the research I perform in my scholarship project “Vision4Human-Robot-Cooperation”. It gave me the stage to present and discuss the results of my human-human study, which explored grounding in situations were a common goal cannot be achieved. All workshop presentations and papers can be found here:

And I really hope that this workshop series continues!