New project – AssistMe

The 1st of April was the official starting date for my new nationally-funded FFG project AssistMe. AssistMe develops and evaluates during a user-centered multistage process innovative means of interaction for programming and usage of a robot-based assistive system. Central topic is the integration of users in the concept development where the interaction paradigms are defined as well as in the evaluation stage of the developed technology. AssistMe examines the applicability of haptic (force feedback) interaction technology with means of machine vision respectively with methods from the field of spatial augmented reality. Together with two industrial companies universal applicability of the developed methodologies will be evaluated in two entirely different application scenarios. One field of application is the assembly of automotive combustion engines while the other UseCase treats the machining (polishing) of casting molds. My research will be the user-centered development and evaluation of the interaction modalities. More information can be found here: