Master student graduated

I am happy to congratulate Susanne Stadler to her master graduation. She completed her master thesis at the ICT&S Center in Salzburg, which I co-supervised besides Prof. Manfred Tscheligi. The thesis topic was about HRI in the factory context with a special focus on programming by demonstration. If you are interested in her work she had a full paper about the biggest user study she did for her masters degree at RO-MAN2013. More detials about her research you can find here:


Trip Report Joint Action Meeting


From July 1-3 I attended the Joint Action Meeting (JAM) in Budapest Hungary.

JAM is a bi-annual conference which brings together cognitive scientists and researchers from related disciplines who share an interest in individuals’ ability to act together. From the HRI community well-known suspects were present: Rachid Alami, Aurelie Clodic, Laurel Riek, and Tamara Lorenz and I presented the research from my Herta-Firnberg Scholarship research in the same session. Moreover, also a researcher from Aude Billard’s lab was there, presenting interesting research on robotic therapy for schizophrenia (AlterEgo) project.

I mainly presented my second human-human study on a collaborative task where the goal is not pre-defined. My study set-up was derived from the study design of a well-known member of the joint action community: Herbert Clark (Clark, H. H. & Krych, M. A. (2004). Speaking while monitoring addresses for understanding. Journal of Memory and Language, 50(1), 62-81). He was also in the audience when I presented and afterwards we had interesting questions on how cognitive science and robotics can collaborate better in future.

In general I have to say that the conference was really beneficial for my HRI research interests as it gave new perspectives on how humanities can inform robotics.

Right now I am writing up my Hertha-Firnberg research on Human-Human Joint Action for Human-Robot Interaction in a journal paper for the following Special Issue: Towards a framework for Joint Action for the International Journal on Social Robotics (eds. Aurelie Clodic, Cordula Vesper, Elisabeth Pacherie, Rachid Alami). There will also be a follow-up workshop held at ICSR2015 in Paris, where I can hopefully already present results on my first HRI study, which my colleague Markus Bajones and I are currently setting-up.