RO-MAN2015: Meta Analysis on the Godspeed Questionnaire Series

This year’s RO-MAN conference took place in Kobe, Japan. Unfortunately, I could not go there even though I had a first author paper there. There is a reason, why I want to write about that one, even though I did not attend the… Christoph Bartneck and I co-authored a paper entitled: Meta Analysis Of The Usage Of The Godspeed Questionnaire Series, which he presented at the conference.

Christoph and I had the idea for that paper during RO-MAN 2014, where Christoph asked me: Is there anything you really want to write about? And my reply was: I heard so many talks already using your Godspeed Questionnaire, shouldn’t it be possible by now to accumulate findings?

Christoph loved the idea and right after the conference we started collecting and analysing the results we found. It proved to be a challenging endeavour as in the HRI community we still do not have a standardized way of reporting user study results. However, based on 18 comparable NAO study papers we could show common and contradictive findings. I really think that this paper is a valuable contribution for the community by trying to combine findings from single studies into one bigger picture.