IROS2015 – Workshop Keynote


After two very relaxing vacation days with my husband, I attended the first workshop day at IROS2015. I was invited by Dr. Chris Bevan as a keynote speaker for the workshop Designing and Evaluating Social Robots for Public Settings. I presented my research performed during my PhD and postdoc at the University of Salzburg. The major part focussed on our research in the IURO project. Above all I wanted to point out the reflections we already made in 2012, published at ICSR.

  • Mirnig N., Strasser E., Weiss, A., and Tscheligi, M. Studies in Public Places as a Means to Positively Influence People’s Attitude towards Robots. In ICSR2012: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Social Robotics (2012), pp. 209-218.

And also give an overview on the overall findings of the IURO project which we could just recently publish in the Journal of Behavioural Robotics.

  • Weiss, A., Mirnig, N., Bruckenberger, U., Strasser, E., Tscheligi, M., Wollherr, D., and Stanczyk, B. The Interactive Urban Robot: User-centered development and final field trial of a direction requesting robot. Paladyn, Journal of Behavioral Robotics, (2015).

The workshop was really beneficial for me for catching up with researchers exploring similar research directions as we did in ACE and IURO, plus Hamburg is just a wonderful city 🙂