Visiting Ilmenau, Germany again


In January, I finally have been to Ilmenau again after 6 years! I have been there as external examiner for the PhD defense of Yvonne Ludewig who can by now call herself Dr. Ludewig. She performed some interesting research on acceptance in Human-Robot Interaction wrt. robot personalities and tactile feedback and appearance. Additionally I was invited by Dr. Andreas Bley (Metralabs) and Prof. Gross to join a “Lessons Learned Workshop” on assistive robots for older adults, in which I provided our insights from our Hobbit field trials. Besides that it was great to privately discuss the similarities and differences between habiliation commissions in Austria and Germany over lunch and coffee with Dr. Sandra Pöschel, which we closed with our new motivational slogan: it is cumbersome, but we will make it 😉