AssistMe project – Half-time

assistme_01_3c3c08954cTime flies by…the first year of the two-years project AssistMe (nationally funded project on Human-centered assistive robotics in production) is already over. We had exciting times in setting up a Universal Robots arm for two different use cases: assembly of automotive combustion engines and maching (polishing) of casting molds). We performed first user studies on teaching the robotic arm with end users (using a pupils lab eye-tracker which worked just fantastically plug and play, can only highly recommend!) and also qualitative interviews after three weeks of the robot being introduced in the assembly line. We will continue our study efforts with two more rounds of user studies for both use cases in the second year, after enhancing the robotic arm to make the teaching and collaboration more intuitive. I am already curious of comparing the data of all three studies in the end.

A first publication of our work will be presented here: (session 3 paper #3) and currently we have a second one submitted at the Austrian Robotics Workshop … keep fingers crossed 😉