TU Wien published an interview with me

unfortunately only in German. The whole site is about female young academics.

You can find it here https://www.tuwien.at/tu-wien/organisation/zentrale-services/genderkompetenz/frauenspuren/frauenspuren-heute/nachwuchsforscherinnen/astrid-weiss/


Interview on the impact of digitalisation on social services

Today I was interviewed as an expert in the field of assistive robotics for a European-wide study on the impact of digitalisation on social services (conducted by Eurofund in cooperation of VVA and TNO).

I was asked in a structured interview for my views about digitalisation in social services in Austria with respect to robots in elderly care. Besides giving an overview on the state of the art of relevant robotic developments in this area, I above all tried to stress the relevance of user-centered development involving several stakeholders, not only primary user, but also secondary users and institutions such as insurances.

I will update this post as soon as the project report is available.

HRI2017 – update

hri_logo_1200So, I did not want to post during my maternity leave…however, Jim and I put together an exciting program for HRI2017 in Vienna, which is only a few weeks away. Thanks to all our research fellows for submitting their excellent work, it was a pleasure (but also a lot of work :D) to put together the program, you can find it here: http://humanrobotinteraction.org/2017/programme/

Trip Report Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW)

HeaderTextAfter the STS Conference in Graz I attended the Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW) in Wels. A bigger contrast topic-wise would have been hardly possible I guess. Nevertheless, it was also a great experience meeting several people again I have not talked to for quite some time, such as Prof. Andreas Uhl from University of Salzburg and Prof. Gerald Steinbauer from Graz University of Technology.

My colleague Markus Ikeda from profactor presented the results from the first year of the AssistMe project at the conference and we got some good questions and feedback on our work.

Besides that my colleagues Georg Halmetschlager-Funek and Edith Langer presented their research in the FRANC and SQUIRREL project. Finally, Markus Vincze presented our lessons learned on autonomous navigation in the Hobbit project. So I would say our research group was quite well represented at the event :).